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Sport figurines

Discover our collection of porcelain figures inspired by the world of sports. Moments of emotion, passion and beauty that Lladró artists capture in their creations. Pieces to share and celebrate unforgettable memories.
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  1. Sprinter Man Figurine

    Sprinter Man Figurine

  2. Swimmer Man Figurine

    Swimmer Man Figurine

  3. Stormy Sea Sailor Figurine

    Stormy Sea Sailor Figurine

  4. Golfer man Figurine

    Golfer man Figurine

  5. Golf Champion Man Figurine

    Golf Champion Man Figurine

  6. Running Woman Figurine

    Running Woman Figurine

  7. Dressage Woman Figurine

    Dressage Woman Figurine

  8. Tai Chi Woman Figurine

    Tai Chi Woman Figurine

  9. Sumo fighter Figurine

    Sumo fighter Figurine

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31 Items

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