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Religions figurines

Religion is more than a cultural belief, for many societies it means customs and traditions. Therefore, inspired by the spirituality and values that faith transmits, we have designed a collection of handmade porcelain figures based on religious passages and figures of worship.?
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  1. Bal Ganesha Figurine

    Bal Ganesha Figurine

  2. Padmasana Ganesha Figurine

    Padmasana Ganesha Figurine

  3. Bal Gopal Figurine

    Bal Gopal Figurine

  4. Hindu Children Figurine

    Hindu Children Figurine

  5. Goddess Sri Lakshmi Figurine

    Goddess Sri Lakshmi Figurine

  6. Hanuman Figurine

    Hanuman Figurine

  7. Happy Buddha Figurine

    Happy Buddha Figurine

  8. Medicine Buddha Figurine

    Medicine Buddha Figurine

  9. Kwan Yin Figurine. Green

    Kwan Yin Figurine. Green

  10. Kwan Yin Figurine

    Kwan Yin Figurine

  11. Madonna Nativity Figurine

    Madonna Nativity Figurine

  12. Nativity Figurine

    Nativity Figurine

  13. Christ Figurine. Left

    Christ Figurine. Left

  14. Christ Figurine. Right

    Christ Figurine. Right

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157 Items

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