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Performing art figurines

Discover our collection of porcelain figures inspired by the world of music, dance and entertainment. Whether classical composers or rock stars, the same magical, excitement is aroused when the curtain rises and the show begins.
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  1. Dancer Woman Figurine

    Dancer Woman Figurine

  2. Jazz Trumpeter Figurine

    Jazz Trumpeter Figurine

  3. Jazz Saxophonist Figurine

    Jazz Saxophonist Figurine

  4. Jazz Bassist Figurine

    Jazz Bassist Figurine

  5. Violin Figurine

    Violin Figurine

  6. Saxophone Figurine

    Saxophone Figurine

  7. Electric Guitar Figurine

    Electric Guitar Figurine

  8. Acoustic Guitar Figurine

    Acoustic Guitar Figurine

  9. Marilyn Monroe Bust

    Marilyn Monroe Bust

  10. Rose Ballet Figurine

    Rose Ballet Figurine

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38 Items

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