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Love figurines

Love makes the world go round. That's why at Lladró we believe it's important that love is present in every place of a home. Our porcelain figures represent special moments, exciting romances, famous love stories and gestures of daily tenderness. Love figures made with love for select customers.??
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  1. Love I Couple Figurine

    Love I Couple Figurine

  2. Love Nest Doves Figurine

    Love Nest Doves Figurine

  3. Love III Couple Sculpture

    Love III Couple Sculpture

  4. Love II Couple Figurine

    Love II Couple Figurine

  5. The Tree of Love Figurine

    The Tree of Love Figurine

  6. Our Song Couple Figurine

    Our Song Couple Figurine

  7. The Kiss Couple Sculpture

    The Kiss Couple Sculpture

  8. Bridal Bell Figurine

    Bridal Bell Figurine

  9. Wedding Day Figurine

    Wedding Day Figurine

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53 Items

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