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Family figurines

Many of our fondest memories are the little moments in family, everyday events full of tender emotion that Lladró artists have captured forever in porcelain. Moments both to remember and to share.
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  1. African Bond Mother Figurine

    African Bond Mother Figurine

  2. Expecting Couple Figurine

    Expecting Couple Figurine

  3. The Mother Figurine

    The Mother Figurine

  4. The Father Figurine

    The Father Figurine

  5. The Son Figurine

    The Son Figurine

  6. The Daughter Figurine

    The Daughter Figurine

  7. In Daddy's Arms Figurine

    In Daddy's Arms Figurine

  8. Newborn Girl Figurine

    Newborn Girl Figurine

  9. Newborn Boy Figurine

    Newborn Boy Figurine

  10. Fishing with Gramps Figurine

    Fishing with Gramps Figurine

  11. I Love You Dad Figurine

    I Love You Dad Figurine

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48 Items

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