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Cultures figurines

Traditions such as bullfighting or flamenco to cultural representatives such as the Japanese warriors or the Venetian gondoliers. Lladró captures the most representative of each people to create delicate handmade porcelain figures. Traditions and culture in sculptures for your home or office.
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  1. Hinamatsuri Dolls Figurine

    Hinamatsuri Dolls Figurine

  2. Samurai Warrior Figurine

    Samurai Warrior Figurine

  3. African Girl Figurine

    African Girl Figurine

  4. African Boy Figurine

    African Boy Figurine

  5. African Woman Figurine

    African Woman Figurine

  6. Woman on Horse Figurine

    Woman on Horse Figurine

  7. Dressage Woman Figurine

    Dressage Woman Figurine

  8. Warrior Boy Figurine

    Warrior Boy Figurine

  9. Samurai Toy Figurine

    Samurai Toy Figurine

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141 Items

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