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Orchid collection

This stylish collection of jewelry is inspired by orchids, perhaps the most sophisticated flower of all. Elaborated in porcelain and ruthenium-plated silver, these elegant creations are and delicately handcrafted petal by petal by Lladró’s best artists
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  1. Orchid Necklace

    Orchid Necklace

  2. Orchid Pendant

    Orchid Pendant

  3. Orchid Long Earrings

    Orchid Long Earrings

  4. Orchid brooch

    Orchid brooch

  5. Orchid Short Earrings

    Orchid Short Earrings

  6. Orchid Stud Earrings

    Orchid Stud Earrings

  7. Orchid ring

    Orchid ring

  8. Orchid Bracelet

    Orchid Bracelet

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8 Items

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