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Aquarium Collection

The porcelain figures in the Aquarium collection of Lladró artists were inspired by the sea and the power of nature. This series combines the mastery of sculpture with the refinement of the best contemporary design.
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  1. Aquarium Long Earrings

    Aquarium Long Earrings

  2. Aquarium Short Earrings

    Aquarium Short Earrings

  3. Aquarium Brooch

    Aquarium Brooch

  4. Aquarium Ring. Large Size

    Aquarium Ring. Large Size

  5. Aquarium Bracelet

    Aquarium Bracelet

  6. Aquarium Necklace

    Aquarium Necklace

  7. Aquarium Pendant

    Aquarium Pendant

  8. Aquarium Cufflinks

    Aquarium Cufflinks

  9. Aquarium Hinge Cuff

    Aquarium Hinge Cuff

  10. Aquarium Cuff

    Aquarium Cuff

  11. Aquarium Porcelain Cuff

    Aquarium Porcelain Cuff

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12 Items

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