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Porcelain vases

Lladró porcelain vases are the most representative piece of our home accessories. From the most classic to those inspired by Chinese porcelain.
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  1. Sparrows Vase. Black

    Sparrows Vase. Black

  2. Sparrows Vase. Yellow

    Sparrows Vase. Yellow

  3. Bell Flower Vase. Green

    Bell Flower Vase. Green

  4. Parrot Parade Vase. Blue

    Parrot Parade Vase. Blue

  5. Parrot Parade Vase. Coral

    Parrot Parade Vase. Coral

  6. Peonies Vase. Golden Lustre

    Peonies Vase. Golden Lustre

  7. Daisy Woman Bust Vase

    Daisy Woman Bust Vase

  8. Herons' Realm Vase

    Herons' Realm Vase

  9. Monkey Vase

    Monkey Vase

  10. Dragon and Phoenix Vase

    Dragon and Phoenix Vase

  11. Chinese Dragon Vase

    Chinese Dragon Vase

  12. Bud Vase

    Bud Vase

  13. Bud Vase

    Bud Vase

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38 Items

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