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Bodo Sperlein

Bodo Sperlein has transformed everything from tableware to electronic accessories and the work of Michelin-starred chefs. For Lladró Sperlein has created outstanding collections.
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  1. Magic Forest Choker

    Magic Forest Choker

  2. Magic Forest Open Choker

    Magic Forest Open Choker

  3. Magic Forest Earrings

    Magic Forest Earrings

  4. Magic Forest Cufflinks

    Magic Forest Cufflinks

  5. Magic Forest Brooch

    Magic Forest Brooch

  6. Niagara Chandelier. 1.35m (US)

    Niagara Chandelier. 1.35m (US)

  7. Niagara Chandelier. 0,80 m

    Niagara Chandelier. 0,80 m

  8. Niagara Chandelier. 0.60m (US)

    Niagara Chandelier. 0.60m (US)

  9. Equus Teapot

    Equus Teapot

  10. Equus Plate

    Equus Plate

  11. Equus Platter

    Equus Platter

  12. Equus Bowl with Handles

    Equus Bowl with Handles

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38 Items

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