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Christmas gifts

Gifts that tell stories, that are able to excite our emotions, gifts to share with the family. Lladró creations bring the spirit of Christmas to every corner of the home.
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  1. Dancer Woman Figurine

    Dancer Woman Figurine

  2. Surf's Up Boy Figurine

    Surf's Up Boy Figurine

  3. Dragons Dome Table Lamp

    Dragons Dome Table Lamp

  4. Lace Dome Table Lamp

    Lace Dome Table Lamp

  5. 2019 Christmas bell

    2019 Christmas bell

  6. Heliconia Cufflinks

    Heliconia Cufflinks

  7. Aquarium Porcelain Cuff

    Aquarium Porcelain Cuff

  8. Twiggy Open Choker

    Twiggy Open Choker

  9. The Monkey Figurine. Mini

    The Monkey Figurine. Mini

  10. A Cheerful Panda Figurine

    A Cheerful Panda Figurine

  11. Winnie the Pooh Figurine

    Winnie the Pooh Figurine

  12. Snow White Figurine

    Snow White Figurine

  13. Minnie Mouse Figurine

    Minnie Mouse Figurine

  14. Mickey Mouse Figurine

    Mickey Mouse Figurine

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717 Items

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