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Better Together Candles

Matte white porcelain candles on the outside and glossy on the inside, representing love as a couple.
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Better Together Candles
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This set is intended to celebrate a couple?s love, and comprises two scented candles, each one designed to take a starring role, but which together create more than the sum of their parts. The faces are in matte porcelain outside and glossy inside for easy cleaning. A few precise touches of colour bring these characters to life. The candles in the set have two different fragrances: Better Together - Lee: A subtle, elegant, and natural scent with floral notes and a sweet hint of vanilla. Contains 200 grams of natural wax for a total duration of 45 hours. Better Together - Lane: A sophisticated, minimalist, woody fragrance with fresh notes of the sea. Contains 300 grams of natural wax for a total duration of 70 hours. Delightful alone, if these candles are lit together they create a new perfume with marine, woody, floral, and vanilla notes. They are formulated with up to 10% of perfume, and both have multiple wicks to ensure the wax surface melts more evenly. They do not produce smoke and are not refillable, the containers become decorative objects handmade in Spain.


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